Growth and independence
Entrepreneurs and managers of mid-size companies value their independence. Management and decision making are notably different in independent companies. Mid-size companies are very successful this way, selling innovative technologies and services worldwide.
Future success will entail expanding previous international growth and advantages in core processes consistently.
1 if by land helps industrial and commercial enterprises make optimal use of their current position and pursue a maximum growth path.
In global competition companies can maintain their ground only if they grow long-term. This growth imperative emphasises the global sales opportunities as well as the predictable competitive pressure at home.
Solid growth relies on operational capabilities that are refined and perfected all the time. This is prerequisite to the achievement of sustainable and profitable growth.
1 if by land develops growth strategies and excellence initiatives for mid-size companies. Including implementation.
1 if by land also gives operational and strategic support to the affiliates of globally present enterprises in Europe, Asia, and USA should growth expectations not be accomplished.
Development and implementation of strategies for consistent and profitable growth
Business process optimisation and organisational development to increase competitive strength
Securing business success of foreign affiliates