Super returns
Successful private-equity firms are transaction professionals and active owners. They are prepared to
  • explore the markets and the potential of a company fully before making an investment,
  • set out ambitious value creation programmes,
  • devote a lot of personal attention to a new portfolio company at the beginning.

1 if by land supports investment companies in the investment process.
The success of an investment is determined at the beginning:
  • The changeover of control creates opportunity to initiate fundamental changes in the acquired company, though for a limited time only.
  • The earlier and faster a company taps into its potentials, the higher the cumulated cash flow.
  • A fast approach creates extra capacity for follow-on projects.

Maintaining the focus and the momentum remains a task throughout the investment cycle. High steady performance lives on continual optimisation.
In this respect consultants have plenty of methodologies and expertise to offer. The performance improvement programmes of 1 if by land offer a multitude of optimisation approaches.
Precise valuation of candidate companies from an operational perspective for successful investment decisions
Powerful action programme for the maximum value gain of portfolio companies plus implementation
Mobilisation programme for portfolio companies during the first 100 days after closing
Systematic profit and cash flow improvements by optimising all business functions