Active credit risk management
When promises to creditors are broken or delivered on only with difficulty, a company needs special support. At this point the company must demonstrate clear prospects especially to banks and lenders in which the borrowings are secure.
In the process often groups of stakeholders with divergent interests emerge. Managing the dialogue to coordinate these interests is a great challenge.
Here and now, the company must manage the cash, communicate intensively with banks and lenders, and return to the profit zone as soon as possible.
In such cases 1 if by land gives individual advice and management support to mid-size companies.
Our services include:
  • quick and full overview over the circumstances and risks of an enterprise in case of imminent insolvency,
  • liquidity management, financial and operational stabilisation, minimisation of resulting damages for all stakeholders,
  • restoration of competitiveness, sufficient financial scope and customary profitability,
  • business development after restructuring, strategy execution for optimal competitive positioning and growth,
  • preventive action to avoid a downgrading of the credit rating and adequate response to early warning signals.

1 if by land joins forces with enterprises and finance providers partner-like. Our restructuring experts:
  1. deliver neat analyses and the full picture,
  2. financially sound and economic solutions,
  3. work on site and take over management responsibility, if needed,
  4. guide the implementation in such a way that after their assignment the company continues to run smoothly.
Restructuring concepts according to professional standards plus entrepreneurial solutions for business continuation
Financial and operational stabilisation, liquidity management and damage containment
Integrated restructuring programme to restore competitiveness
Competitive and growth strategies for restructured companies
Company audit in case of an imminent downgrading of the credit rating or breach of covenants